Week Eight

Hello All, 

My Favorite Bit of Information From The Week:

Swimming as a relief for anxiety and depression! 

Waterlog Highly Recommended Ten Minute Filmhttps://uplift.tv/2018/waterlog/

Short Description:Waterlog is a short documentary which tells the story of writer Joe Minihane and his battle with anxiety.
Finding an antidote in the form of wild swimming, Joe sets out to retrace the route of environmentalist Roger Deakin’s nature writing classic, Waterlog.
In a journey that takes him to every corner of the UK, he eventually finds relief, not just in the cold waters he swims in, but by being open and honest about his mental health.

Why I liked it: I love how many physical and mental activities provide relief for anxiety and depression. Yoga has always been my main friend, but I am so excited to try swimming now as well. This film also does an excellent job addressing the stigma surrounding mental health, and talking about how therapy and activities (such as swimming) meld together, and support one another. 

Please check out the resources at the bottom of the E-mail for recommendations on where to find affordable swimming near you. 

Update on my Show: 

More of the same from last week, I want to make sure the foundation of the core elements are solid before moving forward. More edits of the script this week, Wahoo!Working with the puppet designer to narrow things down as we begin to construct our beautiful new puppet friends. In communication with the educators from Hope For The Day about the details of our partnership. 

Thank you VERY much to all who have donated thus far, making this project possible. If you would like to donate to my show, share this project with a friend, or find out more about it please check out my gofundme here: https://www.gofundme.com/one-woman-hamlet


New Resources From Last Week:

Chicago Parks District: They have an option where you can use their pools (indoor and outdoor) for 40 dollars for three months. If that is still too steep, there are scholarships and financial aid available: https://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks-facilities/swimming-pools

If you are not in Chicago: Most rec centers and park districts have a similar deal as listed above. All it takes is a quick check on their website or a fast phone call. If you are really having a hard time finding a place, let me know and I would be more than happy to help you dig. 

One more for Chicago: Chicago Smelts! If you are looking to swim with a group, I have heard they are amazing. I plan to try myself. So, if you want to go with a buddy let me know!:https://chicago-smelts-2018.squarespace.com/

The Chicago Smelts Description: Chicago’s predominantly gay and lesbian U.S. Masters swim team, encouraging fitness, friendship, community and competition through swimming. Membership is open to everyone, including gay-friendly straight swimmers. Founded in 1988, the team currently has a roster of nearly 150 swimmers from around Chicago and includes athletes of all abilities ranging from beginners to triathletes to former college superstars.

The Summer: There are public pools for free! Plus the Lake! Something to look forward to. The following guide is for Chicago, but most cities have something comparable :https://www.timeout.com/chicago/things-to-do/chicago-swimming-pool-guide

All my best and heart to you all,


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