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The Difference Between Anxiety and Worry
What is the difference between anxiety, an anxiety disorder, and worry? I often hear these words interchanged, and it can be damaging. This is a question I wish I would have known to analyze earlier. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, and I went years without being treated. Suffering when it was not necessary to suffer, anxiety disorders are highly treatable. 
So, this week is about the difference between anxiety disorders and worry, and helpful ways to respond to both of them. There are also two bonus children’s stories in honor of Word Book Day!
Tidbits on Anxiety vs. Worry, and Helpful Articles: 
1.  The Difference:  
The difference between worry and an anxiety disorder, this article does a great job at breaking it down. And this article takes it a bit further if you are interested. 
2. The Stigma on Therapy: 
There is a huge stigma on therapy and mental health acknowledgement in our culture. However, speaking personally, therapy and the ability to articulate our mental health struggles can be life changing. Going to therapy doesn’t need to be a long term solution, it can be just like going to the doctor for a check up. Sometimes, what you are experiencing can be helped in just a few sessions, while other times going back several times is required. For me, the benefits of breaking this stigma far out way the negatives. Check out this website for more information on breaking the mental health stigma that we face in our culture. 
Please check out the bottom of this E-mail for affordable therapy options if you or a loved one are experiencing worry or anxiety, and would like to talk about habits and options for help. 
3World Book Day: 
In honor of World Book Day, I have listed my two favorite children’s books on worry and anxiety. If you have children in your world – or if you yourself are geared up for some educational mental health whimsy – these are my recommendations:  
-Ruby’s Worry: 
You can purchase the book here if it is within your means. However, if that is not possible, you can hear it read here in a beautiful rendition. 
The book was written for ages 5+, but I find it delightful and helpful as an adult as well. I listened to this just today while drinking a cup of coffee, because sometimes the magic of children’s stories transcends habit and gives me hope in a way that no adult literature ever could. 
-Hey Warrior: 
You can purchase the book here. I couldn’t find this book online in an accessible way, but it should be easy to acquire at most libraries. Here is a preview of the book. It is a lovely book that teaches children about anxiety and empowers them, and the adults that join them on the journey, with information about what is occurring in their brains. So much healing can come from an educated seat. I believe this is true for children and adults. Heads up, this book contains some of my very favorite breakdowns on anxiety, and I have been reading A LOT of anxiety breakdowns. 
4. Adult books on Worry and Anxiety: 
I have shared both of these before, but I believe they are helpful enough to restate. The following are links to purchase the books, but you can also find them at your local library. 
Stress Proof (the audiobook of this is also lovely). This book is a beautiful field of information and helpful tools to managing stress, and all of the mental health struggles that are connected to stress. It’s an incredible, fascinating read. 
Why We Are Wired to Worry: This book is an excellent tool for folks who worry a lot and folks with an anxiety disorder. The tools and insights that this book are extremely helpful, approachable and (in my case anyway) life changing. 
5. Music: 
Whenever worry is getting me down, this song heals me. I hope you enjoy. 

Update on my Show:

The Script! This week has been focused on more fine tuned edits and getting the text into the hands of more mental health professionals for feedback. It is a very exciting time!   

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