Week Fifty-Three!

My Favorite Bit of Information From The Week:

Fear Setting

 Fear is very much a part of mental illness and mental health. It is often at the root of anxiety and worry, and it makes depression heavier and more hopeless. At this time of year when folks are often setting goals (which can be lovely, but can also feel overwhelming if you deal with anxiety or depression as many of us do), I find that I like to “Fear Set”. It is an old practice done my stoics in ancient Greece, but I am a fan of Time Ferriss’ new interpretation of the exercise. 

A Bit More On How Fear Alters Mental Health: If you are curious how fear alters mental health, I think this article from the Mental Health Foundation in the U.K is incredibly helpful and succinct. They go over ways to help aid in healing from your fear and one of the suggestions is to confront your fear. Fear Setting is a form of confrontation. Their resources at the bottom of the page are for the U.K, but if you check out my resources on my website you will see all the same information for the U.S. I hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

Fear Setting: I recommend listening to Tim Ferriss’ Ted Talk on how to Fear Set and its benefits, he also explains the origins and principles of Stoicism. He suffers from Bi-polar disorder, and calls Fear Setting a part of “his recipe for avoiding self-destruction” and preventing suicidal thoughts and tendencies. His blog post entitled “Some Practical Thoughts On Suicide” discusses his close encounter with suicide, and it is a very helpful resource for understanding how a person could get dangerously close to taking their own life. I find it cathartic as someone who has been in that head space myself before, and I think helpful to foster empathy and understanding in those who have not experienced suicidal thoughts. I have shared it before, but I think it bears a re-share.  

If you are ready to Fear Set: If you want to try the written exercise of Fear Setting, and want what Tim goes over in his Ted Talk written out, then this article does a good job of putting the exercise to paper. 

Update On My Show:

1. In honor of our One Year Anniversary, I give you the teaser trailer to One Woman Hamlet! If you feel cozy doing so, please share this trailer via the inter-webs. 
 2. SAVE THE DATE! January 28th at The Hideout Inn! Please note: This show is for ages 21+; however, the future shows throughout the city will be for younger audiences. 

3. I will be introducing one of my amazing collaborators each week until January 28th the show! This week, I would love to introduce you to Vanessa Valliere, my show’s Puppet Director! She is a goddess of infinite proportions and it is my honor to work with her. 
 Bit About Head Puppet Director for OWH Vanessa:

Vanessa S. Valliere performs with Manual Cinema in their productions of Ada/Ava and End of TV. Manual Cinema is a Chicago based cinematic shadow puppetry company with whom Vanessa has traveled to Berlin, China, The Netherlands and Belgium. Vanessa also performed for six years as a member of an ensemble of performers for Tour De Fat, a national touring festival. She has performed in Chicago with the Neo-Futurists and The New Colony and she has toured with Theater Unspeakable, a Chicago based physical theater company. Vanessa also devises her own solo shows, which she frequently presents in Chicago as well as other locations across the United States. She was in the 2017 & 2018 National Puppetry Slam, was the recipient of a 2017 3Arts Make A Wave grant, and received a grant from the IACA for her work on her full-length solo puppet show, The Visitor. Vanessa has performed with Big Nazo puppet company in Providence, RI and she is a proud nerd-cheerleader for Chicago’s thirty-piece circus punk marching band: Mucca Pazza. 

For more info: www.vanessavalliere.com


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